Houston County Polling Places

Concerned Citizens

A proposal to close four Houston County polling places is being faced with opposition.

In the first of two public hearings, residents living in those precincts say they don't want to change voting places.

Enterprise Baptist Church, Lovetown Volunteer Fire Department, Harmon School and Dupree Community Center are all current voting precincts, all having to face the possibility of closing for registered voters forever. A move that doesn't sit well with many senior citizens.

County officials say the "Help America Vote Act” is their driving force for the proposal. Under this new act machines are required to have foreign language capabilities and be accessible to those with disabilities. To fulfill these requirements, it would cost thousands of dollars.

Officials say if the county closes the four polling places, it would be saving of 14-thousand dollars every two years. But one man says he doesn't understand how.

He believes if the United States can fight for others freedom to vote, county commissioners should do the same.

If the proposal is approved, voters in those precincts will move to Cottonwood, Ashford, Lucy or Pansey.

There will be another public hearing this Thursday at 9:00 am in the Houston County Commission Chambers.