Cottondale Family in Need

A Northwest Florida family is literally without a roof over their heads. John Woolbright and his daughter, Amber Rikard, are living in a tent after a devastating fire.

Two days after Christmas, a fire ravaged a three-bedroom brick home on Leland Road in Jackson County, located between Marianna and Cottondale.

Rikard is four months pregnant and barely escaped the flames; her father was not as lucky. Woolbright sustained second and third degree burns on his back.

Since then, the family has been living in a tent only yards from what used to be their home. They had no insurance.

The father and daughter recently moved from Memphis, Tennessee and they wonder how they'll continue to survive evening temperatures dipping into the 20s and 30s.

A trust fund has been set up for the family. Those who wish to help can make their check out to the Woolbright Trust Fund.

Woolbright Trust Fund
Bank of Jackson County
P.O. Box 1584
Marianna, Florida 32447