Local Student Nurses Help in Mississippi

A group of Troy University students went to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to assist in hospital care. And, after the five day trip, which ended on Monday, they shared some of their stories.

One of two hospitals lost generators. All of its patients had to be transported to the other area hospitals.This was the situation for Forrest General in Hattiesburg. Patients there had to be transported to nearby Wesley Medical Center, some in 18-wheelers. One of the student nurses says, "One of the gentleman I was taking care of had bruises all over his body, when I asked him where they were from he told me the trip; they'd just shoved him and others in the back of an ambulance." Tasha Tyree is a recent graduate of Troy and now works out of Flowers Hospital in Dothan.She and other nursing students were asked by the hospital if they wanted to go help after the hurricane. According to the students who rode into the city by van, there was more debris than flood damage. However, it was what they saw at the hospital that will forever be etched in their minds.

The student nurses say a lot of the patients had lost everything they had. Some of the patients they encountered had chainsaw injuries, chronic injuries from heat, and many were just hungry and wanting to escape. Some of the twelve students who went on the trip worked three days straight. While on the trip, the students were only allowed to do work they had experience in doing. An instructor was there at all times. Now, they say, they have learned the value of life.