Booming Business for Ozark

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The city of Ozark has gotten an economic boost worth millions of dollars.

Chicago-based door design manufacturer CMI came to Ozark for what is hoped to be a promising future for area residents.

It's 224,000 square feet of booming economy. CMI, a marketer of Craftmasters door designs, has invested more than $10 million in the Ozark area with its new state of the art facility.

"A lot of things attracted us to Ozark," says President and CEO Bob Merrill." Obviously the first was there was beautiful building that was unoccupied; the second is the local community, especially Mayor Bunting."

Mayor bunting then says, "Our work ethic in the wiregrass fit perfect with what they wanted to do."

State Sen. Jimmy Holley agrees.

"I'm most impressed with the workforce we have; I've met many of the individuals at the plant."

The plant opened a little more than three weeks ago and has 40 employees with hopes to expand to at least 200 workers.

93rd District Rep. Steve Clouse says, "I think it's a continuing trend in AL, where we've had a lot of manufacturers come in and our unemployment rate in the state is below the national average."

CMI's Craftmaster manufacturers door designs and finished door products to all of the southeast United States. The building in which CMI is located had three other businesses that operated here. Hopefully, Craftmasters is here to stay

"They are going to be here forever, and as long as they build houses and condominiums, Craftmasters is going to here to stay," Bunting says.

And in a grand opening ceremony held Friday afternoon, state, local officials, and invited guests hope so too.