Collection for Cops

Collection For Cops

Geneva County Sheriff Greg ward and Police Chief Frankie Lindsey are showing their support for police officers affected by the hurricane.

They will be heading to Waveland, Mississippi with tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of police equipment and basic supplies.

Waveland sits along the Mississippi-Louisiana Stateline and was destroyed by Katrina.

Waveland Police lost their department along with vehicles and uniforms.

Geneva residents and businesses dropped off items at the Geneva County Courthouse.

The Sysco tractor trailer rig will head West on I-10 Wednesday morning.

Local authorities will also provide manpower needs to give officers a needed rest.

Chief Lindsey says “They still want to patrol and keep order, but they have nothing to do it with, it's very sad. Since the collection, we've gotten calls from Wiggins, Mississippi police, we will probably have a collection for them pretty soon.”

Besides the sheriff's department and Geneva police, Slocomb, Hartford and Samson law enforcement officers will help out in storm ravaged coastal Mississippi.