FEMA - Hurricane Katrina

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Katrina-Federal Government-Fact Sheet

Some fast facts about how the Federal Government is responding to Hurricane Katrina.


  • Federal disaster declarations are covering 90,000 square miles of affected areas.


  • 17,500 lives have been saved.
  • 35,000 evacuations have been made from New Orleans


  • 4.8 million MRE's (Meals-Ready-To-Eat).
  • 11 million liters of water.
  • 1.7 million pounds of ice.
  • More than 600 buses to transport evacuees.


  • 200 Border Patrol agents, 200 additional law enforcement officers from other Louisiana jurisdictions and 2,000 officers from neighboring states are assisting in restoring order in the streets of New Orleans.
  • Nearly 500 US Corps of Engineers civilians and soldiers are working on the New Orleans levee breach and coordinating the transport of ice and water.
  • All patients and staff from the 11 top priority hospitals in the New Orleans area have been fully evacuated. Three other hospitals in the area are fully functioning with fuel and power and have no need to evacuate.


  • FEMA deployed more than 57 National Disaster Medical System Teams and 28 urban search and rescue teams.
  • That includes nearly 1,800 personnel to save lives and render medical assistance. Teams have rescued more than 350 hurricane victims.
  • FEMA also supplied generators and thousands of cots and blankets.

    On the Web: http://www.fema.gov