Bird Flu Drug

Bird Flu Drug Tamiflu
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The manufacturer of a drug used to inhibit the effects of the bird flu virus will negotiate with generic drug companies to increase production.

Tamiflu is the most effective drug in treating bird flu.

Roche Holding A-G will meet with four companies and maybe more in the coming weeks, all in an effort to work out a licensing agreement that would allow other companies to produce Tamiflu, which is in great demand throughout the world.

The agreement was announced by Senators Charles Schumer and Lindsey Graham, who met with the head of Roche Pharmaceuticals in
North America.

Generic manufacturers cannot legally sell the patented drug in the West and parts of Asia. Roche holds the patent, but it's agreed to sub-license the production of Tamiflu to any company that can produce it in quantities large enough to help meet anticipated demand.