Jackson County School Drug Testing

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The Jackson County School District has received a federal grant to administer drug tests to student athletes in grades six through 12.

In a month, the Jackson County School Board will vote whether or not to allow the testing.

Most of the community supports the random drug testing. Nora Mayo has three boys; one is a senior football player at Marianna High School.

She and her older son think the athlete drug testing is a good idea.

Deputy Supt. Larry Moore says they have patterned the testing after Supreme Court cases that support the testing.

Random testing during school hours will check for alcohol and five other drugs.

Sherri Johnson wrote the grant which secured the money for the testing.

She has two younger sons and believes it will keep her boys from using drugs.

Johnson says school board members will hopefully vote yes for the testing on Nov. 15.

Johnson says if the testing is approved it will be confidential and won't affect the students academically.

A positive result will mean 15 days suspension from the activity and six days in a drug abuse program, a second positive result means 30 days suspension from the sport and 12 days in a drug abuse program, and a third offense means suspension from the activity all year.