Wausau Bypass

Kirk Stull, Senior VP HDR Engineering

The town of New Brockton says a possible Highway 84 Bypass could cripple their community.

And people in Florida feel the same way, with a proposed expanded State Road 77 possibly working its way around.

Washington County residents had the opportunity to get their questions answered from engineers before they began their presentation concerning the 29-mile makeover of State Road 77, from county line to county line.

Most people wanted to talk about the possible bypass of Wausau and Chipley. Engineers say it’s a necessary evil because both towns have historic districts that would be compromised by a widened highway.

For some, history can be sacrificed at the threat of an economic meltdown.

But, HDR Engineering Senior Vice President Kirk Stull says these things aren't negotiable.

Everything that residents had to say was put on record for engineers to consider.