Troop Deployment Threat

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U.S. troops deploying for the Persian Gulf may have more than the looming threat of war with Iraq to worry about.

Citing senior military sources, The New York Times reports troops and weapons heading for the Gulf have come under the threat of a possible terrorist attack.

The sources said U.S. intelligence officials have gathered what they say is credible evidence of a plan to bomb a passenger airliner contracted to fly troops and freight for the military.

The Times said the military has come up with information identifying a specific civilian airline company, a specific airport and a specific date and time of a possible attack.

In light of the threat, sources said the U.S. military has started sharing classified intelligence warnings directly with commercial transportation companies flying U.S. troops -- rather than working through domestic police agencies.

If there's a full mobilization to war, most of the deploying troops would fly aboard private air carriers contracted by the military.