Alabama Justice Cases

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Alabama Supreme Court Associate Justice Tom Parker has released far fewer decisions than other associate justices since joining the court earlier this year.

The review was conducted by The Birmingham News.

Parker released decisions in 22 cases and court petitions from February 11th to October seventh. The newspaper reported Friday that
the other associate justices released 47 to 91 during the same period.

Former court member Gorman Houston described Parker's numbers as
remarkably low.

Parker said being a good justice is not a numbers game.

Parker, who served as an aide to Roy Moore when he was chief justice, defeated incumbent Jean Brown in the Republican primary in
June 2004 and then won the general election in November.

A Supreme Court official said a computer assigns cases so that each justice gets approximately the same number.

Parker's former boss said he might be taking more time on some cases because of the attention he pays to issues of constitutional importance in his opinions.