Fort Rucker Deployment

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More than 100 soldiers are leaving Fort Rucker in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

There was a deployment ceremony for families and friends of the soldiers Friday at Fort Rucker.

The soldiers are ready to report for duty.

Jacqueline Alcorta is saying goodbye to her husband who is part of B company 46th engineer battalion deploying overseas.

She will send him photos of their two children while he's gone overseas.

Alcorta and the rest of B company will be spending a year in the desert.

This is captain Mark Himes second year long deployment.

Private First Class Nelson Figueroa is 19-years-old and this is his first deployment. Originally from Springfield Massachusetts, Figueroa has been in the army one year.

Nelson and the rest of the company get along like family.

They say they're ready and trained for their mission.

This is one of the biggest deployments at Fort Rucker since the war began two years ago.