Level Plains Update

Level Plains Mayor Tim Jackson

The Level Plains Mayor and a councilman were arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Mayor Tim Jackson says he believes the charges are part of a witch hunt.

The mayor was back at his office in Level Plains Town Hall Thursday.

Twenty-four hours earlier, he along with Councilman Joe Bruer were arrested on several misdemeanor charges.

It stems from a September 30th traffic stop by a city policeman in which Bruer's son was in the car.

They are each charged with obstruction of a governmental operation and resisting arrest.

Bruer also faces a disorderly conduct charge.

Mayor Tim Jackson said “the whole thing is a publicity stunt...they've been trying to remove me, and can't. I’ve vowed to serve four years in this office, I have three left…. I don't know what they'll be going to do.

It’ll eventually be up to the town's municipal court to decide the legal fate of the two elected officials.