Ethanol in Alabama

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There seems to be no end in sight for the climbing gas prices. So some states are now taking control and mixing their own fuel, cutting the demand of unleaded gas by more than 10 percent.

Alabama could be the next state to produce, distribute and sell its own mix of ethanol with regular unleaded fuel. Gerald Patterson’s new truck can be fueled with up to 85 percent ethanol-mixed gas instead of regular unleaded fuel. And he says there's no reason not to have the option of ethanol-mixed fuel here in the Wiregrass.

Patterson has contacted Governor Bob Riley and other lawmakers within the state. And day by day, he's getting a greater response, all in agreement with those who promote alternative fuel ideas.

Not only does using ethanol save money, it makes money as well. Ethanol comes from corn and has proven to boost the agriculture industry in communities that support the product. And using a product that's homegrown reduces the amount of the country's foreign oil dependency.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley is supporting a variety of alternative fuel options. Currently, the city of Eufaula uses bio-diesel for their school bus fleet. And the state of Alabama has also received a $30,000 grant for the first "idle-air" project for truck stops.