Level Plains Arrest

Two members of the Level Plains Town Council were arrested yesterday (Wednesday).

Level Plains Mayor Tim Jackson and Councilman Joe Brewer are both charged with resisting arrest and obstruction of a government operation.

Councilman Brewer is also charged with disorderly conduct.

It all started when a Level Plains officer stopped a car with Councilman Brewer's son and an underage girl who had allegedly been drinking.

The officer was going to take the girl to the police station and call her parents to come and get her. But, he says that's when the mayor and the councilman showed up and told the officer not to arrest them.

The officer says the confrontation escalated into pushing and shoving.

The officer resigned from the police department that same weekend.

He took out the arrest warrants last week.

No word yet on when the mayor and councilman will appear in court.