Envision Dothan Project

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The Wiregrass Foundation is the non-profit group that is funding the new Envision Dothan project.

Education, reading programs, early childhood programs are top priorities, because the city school system's student enrollment is shrinking and the high school drop-out rate is high in Houston County.

Healthcare is another goal, making sure we have good health education and adequate healthcare.

The real key, Edge says is jobs, high paying jobs.

Edge says our per capita income is low compared to state and federal levels, and the percentage of workforce without high school diploma is 30 percent and climbing.

Wiregrass Foundation was formed with the money from the sale of Wiregrass Hospice to an Atlanta company last year.

These are only a few issues that need to be addressed.

The Wiregrass Foundation is counting on you to come up with more.

To fill out a survey, log onto http://www.envisiondothan.com

The survey will be on the Internet by next Wednesday.

The Dothan Eagle will also be printing a survey in the newspaper soon.