Coretta Scott King

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Coretta Scott King's doctor says she is mostly paralyzed on the right side of her body and faces a long, difficult recovery from a stroke.

Doctor Maggie Mermin said that the 78-year-old widow of Martin Luther King Junior has only been able to speak a few words since the stroke Tuesday that occurred in the left side of the brain.

Mermin said King would be in Piedmont Hospital for at least another week. She said it's not certain she will have full recovery but, "we certainly hope for that."

The doctor said King suffered a small stroke in April, then another small stroke on August 2nd. After that second stroke, King was unable to speak for several hours.

King was listed in fair condition Friday. Mermin said she has sat up but has not been able to walk. She also said King has recognized all her visitors and was working with speech therapists to communicate using pictures.