Pemco Lock Out

Pemco Aviation Group

Friday marks the tenth day Pemco Aviation employees have been locked out.

City officials are concerned because they say bringing in out-of-town contract workers to fill local positions isn't good for Dothan’s economy.

In 2002 and 2003, the city of Dothan invested $1 million into Pemco with the understanding that Pemco would provide 500 more local jobs to the area.

Recently, management has laid off around 250 employees and locked out another 200 workers.

On Tuesday, union officials filed two unfair labor practice charges against Pemco with the National Labor Relations Board.

Reportedly, since August 11th, there has been no communication between management and the union.

City Commissioner Don Clements has asked City Manager Mike West to get involved to help resolve the situation.

West plans to discuss this during the next commission meeting on Tuesday.