Roy Moore

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Roy Moore campaigned as a Republican candidate for governor for the first time Thursday, contending the state's budget problems could be eased by cutting out waste and fraud and putting pro-Moore people in the Legislature.

Moore fielded questions at a series of news conferences as he opened a two-day campaign crisscrossing of Alabama. He hit notes similar to other G-O-P governors as he called for diverting revenue from the education fund to the hard-pressed General Fund and belt-tightening at the statehouse.

But Moore also said issues that previous G-O-P governors pushed unsuccessfully -- such as diverting funds and term limits -- could be approved if candidates who support his causes get elected to House and Senate seats.

Ousted as chief justice for refusing an order to move his Ten Commandments monument from the state courthouse, Moore announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination for governor yesterday in Gadsden. His platform did NOT mention traditional issues such as economic development or how he plans to deal with budget red ink, and some of those matters were raised in the news conferences.