Spread The Web

According to law enforcement officials, 90-percent of every crime committed in the United States involves a vehicle.

So the Midland City Police Department is helping to make traffic stops in the Wiregrass more effective.

Authorities from the Tri-States area were invited to the Alabama Air National Guard Armory in Midland City for a seminar.

The classes train officers how to look beyond the routine traffic stop and recognize the criminal elements.

This is all offered through a program called "Spread The Web."

Jimmy Culbreath with the Alabama State Law Enforcement says "The web represents trained law enforcement officers who are able to recognize the criminal element and able to apprehend them. The web being a net, we're actually trying to get as many criminals caught in that web as we can."

There will be another seminar for law enforcement officers coming up in October.

Cost for registration is minimal as the program is paid for by money seized in searches.