Sibley Executed at Atmore Prison

George Sibley Death Row
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Anti-government extremist George Sibley was executed this evening at Holman Prison near Atmore for the 1993 shooting death of Opelika police officer Roger Motley.

Sibley nodded to his relatives, stared at his victim's family and gave a final statement of defiance before he died at 6:26 p.m. from a lethal injection. In a final statement, Sibley said everyone who was carrying out the execution was guilty of murder. Sibley's common-law wife, Lynda Lyon Block, was executed for the same crime in 2002.

Sibley's sister, Annie Holloway of Florida, and his niece, Lori Holland, witnessed the execution. As he died, they held hands and prayed.

Motley's widow, Juanita Motley Kirkwood, witnessed the execution, along with his mother, sister, son and two stepsons. Kirkwood says justice was served by the execution. She says she's ready to close this chapter of her life and go on.