Dr. Leon Hobbs Interview

Dr. Leon Hobbs Interview

We've had many questions for Dr. Leon Hobbs since he was demoted from his superintendent's job with Dothan city schools a little more than a week ago.

And now, he holds nothing back in his first interview since the school board's controversial decision to buy-out the remainder of his contract after nine-year tenure.

Some members of the Dothan city school board say Dr. Leon Hobbs had a communication problem so severe - it was a major factor in him losing his job. But, Dr. Hobbs reminds us that communication is a two way street.

In fact Dr. Hobbs completely denies the claim.

And something else that confuses Hobbs is his recent job evaluations. We looked at documents showing great critiques from school board members - and these satisfactory evaluations are what kept stretching the length of Hobbs’ contract.

Hobbs says that leaves one explanation as to why they wanted him out.

It started this past Spring, with school board members publicly showing their dissatisfaction with Dr. Hobbs’ recommendations for the Kelly Springs’ principal job. Dr. Hobbs says that started the downward spiral that brought him to today. But he says certain board members already had their minds made up about him.

He also says board members never communicated those feelings publicly during meetings. In other words, he says he never received due process - a chance to correct whatever they thought he was doing wrong.

Margaret Johnson, who voted to keep Hobbs, says this in a letter to board Chairman Jim Hemby, quote: "my most burning concern is the issue of due process...this board has never sat down with him and outlined our concerns, expectations, and consequences...until then, we have done a disservice to him, this system, and to ourselves." Hobbs says if the board would have just leveled with him, he would have told them he wanted to retire soon anyway.

But instead, Hobbs will work for the system over the next three years, as the assistant to the superintendent and he will keep his old salary of about 123-thousand dollars a year. And what are his duties? He will assist the new superintendent.

Dr. Hobbs said nothing but good things about Dr. Nichols during Wednesday’s interview.

Doctor Nichols was the deputy superintendent during Hobbs’ entire nine-year tenure.