Fort Rucker Layoffs

About 100 civilian employees at Fort Rucker are temporarily out of work after being told on Monday not to come to work.

A Fort Rucker spokesperson says this issue is part of the nation's effort against global terrorism.

It’s been a quiet week at Fort Rucker, with hardly any of the posts contract workers in sight.

This temporary stop work order has affected all contract workers on the post, but it does not include those who work in medical, health, life or safety areas.

The order also excludes soldiers and general service employees.

And at Fort Rucker, this is the easiest solution to this year's budgeting issues.

Lisa Eichhorn Fort Rucker Public Affairs says, "We're getting toward the end of the year and there is some shuffling of dollars and we need to make sure we have money. The mission comes first and supporting the global war on terrorism and our troops overseas is our first priority."

No one else on the post will be asked to perform the contract workers duties, nor will any independent companies be hired for the jobs. So the workers could be asked to return as soon as tomorrow.