Wiregrass Robberies

Dothan Police Robbery Investigation

Dothan Police believe they are one step closer to catching those responsible for the recent rash of armed robberies around town.

The entire police department got together Monday and investigators and patrol officers evaluated potential suspects.

Investigators believe they are rapidly narrowing their search.

The series of armed robberies began just a few weeks ago, on July 11th when Hobo Pantry on the corner of Westgate Parkway and Main Street was held-up at gun-point.

Then just last week, a man entered the CenturyTel office, showed a gun and demanded money.

The next day was no different, with another armed robbery that took place at the Army Aviation Federal Credit Union on Montgomery Highway.

The most recent incidents happened just yesterday, there were two-different armed robberies in Dothan and another taking place in Panama City.

And with such an active past few weeks both in town and out of state, authorities are overwhelmed.

Dothan Police Chief John Powell says "we have reason to believe there was an incident down in Panama City that the same suspects were involved in. And we are coordinating our efforts with the Panama City local law enforcement officials."

Not only do they believe yesterday's three robberies are all connected, they suspect some of the others may be connected as well. And they say within the past few days, several new suspects have come to light.