Missile Recycling

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The nation's first missile recycling center will be housed in Alabama.

The Army said the facility at the Anniston Army Depot will dismantle obsolete missiles instead of detonating them underground.

The Missile Recycling Center or MRC will destroy 220,000 missiles while saving their metal and explosives for recycling.

Army officials predict about 15,000 missiles will be recycled annually.

Major General Larry Dodgen, the commanding general of the Army Missile Command in Huntsville said the recycling center is a win-win situation for everyone concerned.

It was also estimated that as many as 400 new jobs might be created when the $15 million center begins operating.

The center will handle only the conventional weapons at the depot.

The depot also stores at a separate site, Cold War-era chemical weapons that are scheduled to be destroyed in a $1 billion incinerator next year.