Drug Task Force Bust

Drug Task Bust

A federal grand jury in Montgomery has handed down indictments against 13 people in several Wiregrass counties.

A U.S. Attorney says the government is targeting those store owners and retail operators who knowingly sell the chemicals used to make crystal-methamphetamine.

And some businesses in Geneva, Coffee and Covington Counties feel they were "targeted" by the feds.

At one time, authorities say if you wanted to buy household chemicals used in the manufacture of crystal-meth, you could get them at the Lake Grocery along Highway 331 in Opp. Its one of seven businesses that have been targeted. After a two-and-a-half year investigation, a federal grand jury has handed down indictments against 13 people for conspiring in the manufacture of meth. Authorities reportedly sent undercover operatives in the businesses located in Geneva, Coffee and Covington Counties.

Covington County Drug Task Force Paul Dean says “selling large quantities, there's no difference between these people and the pusher on the corner selling crack cocaine, marijuana or whatever, they're hurting the community.”

Six of those indicted are from Geneva County, six others are from Covington County and there's one individual who owns a business outside of Enterprise. If convicted, these persons could face 40 year federal prison sentences each. The government says they were purely motivated by greed.

Authorities say they allegedly sold large quantities of the chemicals used in the manufacture of meth at the Horn Hill Grocery and they are just as guilty as those who make the drug

Authorities warn that if you enjoy your businesses, you should act accordingly to the law. If not, it'll be owned by the U.S. Government.

The new owner of Horn Hill Grocery in Opp says he took over the store this Summer and hopes the legal problems of its previous owner will not affect his business.

Covington County Arrests

  • Charles David Bobo, 39 Opp
  • Mary Wages Bobo, 39, Opp
  • Jessica Singleton, 23, Opp
  • Leslie Trawick, 58, Opp
  • Buffy L. Roberson, 34, Florala
  • Kim Chatham, 32, Opp

    Coffee County Arrest

  • Johnnie Grimes, 78, Enterprise

    Geneva County Arrests

  • Anthony C. Brown, 41, Chancellor
  • Ruby Shirah, 56, Chancellor
  • Al R. Shoemaker, 63, Hartford
  • Brenda McCall, 51, Samson
  • Martha Davis, 57, Geneva
  • Gene Hughes, 61, Bellwood