Dothan City School Board

Chairman Jim Hemby

News 4 continues to dig deeper for answers after the contract of the superintendent of Dothan city schools was bought out for more than 440-thousand dollars on July 23rd.

Since Dr. Leon Hobbs was removed from his position, board members have said the buyout was the only way to part ways without being vulnerable to a costly lawsuit.

Since Hobbs’ departure, a school board member has also made accusations of criminal activity within the system.

Dothan City School Board Chairman Jim Hemby made no secret of his dissatisfaction with former Superintendent Dr. Leon Hobbs during their time together at school board meetings. And he reiterates why he felt Dr. Hobbs needed to go.

But controversy didn't follow Hobbs out the door when his contract was bought out just over a week ago. District 5 member David Morales made accusations of nepotism going on within the system, and also alleged that the four board members who voted to accept the contract settlement instead of firing him, were afraid of their indiscretions being made public if Hobbs sued the board.

While Hemby does not want to comment specifically on Morales' accusations, he says an audit was already in the works, before Morales spoke with us.

Certain school board members stand firm that a buy-out was the only way, and that termination would have left them open to a lawsuit more expensive than the buy-out.

And though we've heard differently, Hemby stands firm with the buyout.

Last Thursday, incoming board Chairman Dr. Steve Stokes sent a letter to Hemby, requesting an independent investigation into the board's finances, practices, and procedures.

Dr. stokes replaces Jim hemby on October 3rd.