Troy Power Bill Increase

Troy residents are expected to see a six-percent increase in their power bill soon.

And such an increase is always a bitter pill to swallow for taxpayers.

Troy Mayor Jimmy Lunsford has been with the city for decades and he's proposed some twenty budgets. But the proposal city council members looked at Tuesday night was something they hadn't seen since 1998 - an increase in power rates.

Troy buys wholesale from Alabama Power which upped the ante on electricity rates after feeling the squeeze on fuel prices.

Even though that six-percent increase is being passed on to citizens, Lunsford says the development will increase revenue for the city and locals will see their dollars at work.

But Lunsford says they won't have to accept it again for quite some time.

Mayor Lunsford urges anyone with questions about the increase to get in touch with him. His e-mail address is