Ozark Church Hurricane Relief

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With the impact made by Rita, one wiregrass church is concerned that the focus on Katrina victims has faded, and after an unsuccessful attempt to bring victims in Mississippi to the wiregrass, church members have now shifted their efforts to help those seeking shelter here.

Members of Glory To Him Church in Ozark have made several trips to Mississippi for hurricane relief. On their most recent trip, volunteers worked on shelter, provided food, clothing and ministry, intending to bring victims to the wiregrass.

But when the volunteers made it to Mississippi, they were told by FEMA that bringing hurricane victims back was no longer allowed, so they decided to focus their efforts here and provide housing through the church.

Glory To Him's pastor, Dr. Scott Hannen, says, "We're going to bring them in, make sure their needs are met and we're finding them housing right now and I believe that within a few weeks we'll get them placed. If not, we'll put them up somewhere; buy them a hotel room, whatever it takes."

Members of "Glory To Him" plan to continue donating money and housing for those in need for as long as it takes, working on a need basis.

"The reality is they're still out there, still gonna need love, still gonna need attention, still gonna need care, so we're looking at a marathon thing here."

They're asking for continued community support for the victims, and that any money donated be given to the city of Ozark’s hurricane relief fund.

For information on how to donate to Ozark's relief fund, contact Glory To Him Church at 774-7677 or call Ozark City Hall at 774-3300.