New Orleans Police Chief Resigning

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The chief of the New Orleans police is stepping down from that post.

Eddie Compass made the announcement Tuesday afternoon. He gave no reason and asked that people respect his privacy and his decision.

Compass says he'll remain at the helm for a transition period of 30 to 45 days.

The announcement comes as the city still struggles to recover from the impact of Hurricane Katrina. The city's police force came under fire for its conduct in the aftermath of the storm. Officials now say about 250 officers, some 15 percent of the police force, left their posts in the days after the storm hit.

Mayor Ray Nagin, reacting to the resignation, calls this a "sad day for the city." He calls Compass a "hero" who helped guide New Orleans through one of its "toughest times." And he says Compass is retiring while he's "on top."