Lakepoint Resort State Park

Lakepoint State Park

Local campers are finally being filled with Hurricane Katrina evacuees as part of "Operation Golden Rule."

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is putting people in the trailers in Eufaula.

The campground and the evacuees are thankful to FEMA for giving them a home.

Hilman Stigler had lived in New Orleans his whole life until Katrina forced him to leave his home in the French Quarters.

He is one of many who registered with FEMA and is now living in a camper with beds, running water, food and even television.

Stigler says “I love it, its beautiful, clean and brand new, and FEMA is so helpful and understanding.”

FEMA set up 166 trailers at Lakepoint Resort State Park and have occupied 18 so far.

Lakepoint is still open to the public, but has limited campsites because three of their four campgrounds are dedicated to evacuees.

It’s an attitude Katrina victims have been welcomed with in Eufaula and the entire Wiregrass.

In times like these, when people like Hilman who has lost his mother and all his personal belongings can have something to call their own for a little while.

Eufaula is also helping evacuees find permanent homes. The housing authority has placed several families displaced by the hurricane in apartments.