Stokes Request Investigation

Dr. Steven Stokes

With the school board controversy still remaining, and different answers given for each question, incoming School Board Chairman Dr. Steve stokes is calling for an investigation.

Dr. Stokes has sent a written request to current board Chairman Jim Hemby and interim Superintendent Sam Nichols.

He is calling for an investigation of the school systems financial reports, policies and past operations with the hope of clearing up what he calls "a cloud of suspicion...for the good name, character and future well-being of the Dothan city school system."

Dr. Stokes says "It certainly cast a cloud over the entire school system, Dr. Hobbs' administration and the current board. And I think we need to clarify that to everyone's satisfaction. Whatever those accusations are, they need to be clearly stated, investigated and if there's been wrong-doing, it needs to be dealt with. If there hasn't been wrong-doing, that needs to be acknowledged."

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Monday evening at 5-o'clock.

The newly-elected board will take office October 3rd.