Sex Offender Law

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While the state's new sex offender law is not retroactive, the high-tech ankle monitors it mandates could be hooked to currently imprisoned child molesters who are paroled and those on probation.

Attorney General Troy King made the comments yesterday after an
Alabama Sentencing Commission analysis found fewer than half of those convicted of child sex abuse would have to wear the global tracking devices and questions were raised about when any might be

The law takes effect October first, requiring the most serious child sex offenders -- felons whose crime involved a child under 12 -- to serve a minimum of 20 years and then be required to wear the global tracking devices for another period of years.

That means the first child sex offenders convicted under the law would not be wearing the G-P-S ankle devices until 2025.

State prison officials said about 140 prisoners are serving time for sex offenses involving children under 17, but the agency could not determine how many of those committed crimes involving a child under 12.