Hobbs Buy Out

Two more members of the Dothan City School Board are speaking out.

One by one, they are giving their accounts of exactly what they think happened and why regarding Dr. Hobbs’ contract buy-out.

WTVY News 4 had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Margaret Johnson and Gayla White. And they each had different things to say about what led up to Saturday’s emergency meeting.

The main issue plaguing Dothan taxpayers revolves around the near $440,000 contract buy-out to get Dr. Leon Hobbs out of the superintendent’s position.

Margaret Johnson voted against the buy-out, but does not believe Hobbs should have been terminated either. She is also the only remaining member of the original board who ratified his contract in the first place and she still has no answer to our questions.

Then there is Gayla White who says there is absolutely no termination option written into Hobbs' contract. She says the only other option was to buy him out because of a legal process which would demand more money than $440,000.

One other conflicting story is from Johnson, Jones and Morales stating they were left out of Hobbs’ contract settlement meeting.

Meanwhile, others on the board insist “no” board members were present, only lawyers, Hobbs and his wife were there along with incoming board Chairman Steve Stokes.