Mustang Drive House Fire

Mustang Drive House Fire

A fire late Tuesday night destroys a Dothan family's home.

Joshua Bigheos was in his room watching TV around midnight Tuesday when he saw smoke coming from the wall.

Joshua’s mom, Latonya Madison was the last one out of the house. She was just praying all six of her family members had escaped the fire.

Her brand new house is totally destroyed and so is her new SUV, but luckily no one was injured.

Captain Glenn Temples has been very busy lately putting out fires and he urges everyone to make sure you:

  • never leave a stove unattended even if it's only for a few minutes,
  • always check your dryer lent screen in between every load,
  • check smoke detector batteries,
  • never use light weight extension cords for appliances and,
  • never cover up extension cords with rugs, boxes or anything else.