Abandoned Animals In Daleville

Abandoned Animals In Daleville

Nearly a dozen animals were abandoned in Daleville and if they are not adopted within 10 days they will be put to sleep.

Now an outraged neighbor is asking for the public's help in trying to save their lives.

Jacqui Odell says it is has only been a day since her neighbors decided to move. Since then she has been trying to feed and bathe the abandoned pets.

Odell says she would take them all in, but is currently renting her home and cannot afford the one-hundred dollar pet deposit required on each animal.

Odell said she called several no-kill shelters in the area only to be told they were all full.

Annette Swenson is the director of S.O.S. Animal Shelter in Enterprise. They are "temporarily" taking in the animals because they are already at capacity.

Swenson says the abandoned animals were badly flea infested and poorly malnourished.

Animal control was supposed to pick them up and will have to if some one doesn't step forward and claim these animals.

If you would like to adopt one of these animals, you can call the S.O.S.Animal Shelter in Enterprise. That number is 393-1743.

Of the 11 abandoned animals six of them are dogs and one is pregnant, there are two cats, and two kittens.