Morales Speaks Out

For days, News 4 has been trying to find out what led up to Saturday’s decision by the Dothan City School Board to buyout Superintendent Dr. Leon Hobbs' contract.

School officials we talked with did not give us clear answers while others have not been available.

But, that changed Tuesday, when outgoing school board member David Morales decided to speak out.

District Five Representative David Morales says he voted against Hobb's demotion and contract buyout on Saturday, but not because he agreed with the superintendent's leadership.

He says he would have preferred Hobbs to be “terminated” out of the school system “without” having to pay him nearly a half-million taxpayer dollars during the next four years.

Morales said, "To me, it can't be justified to pay $440,000, then you're paying a new superintendent, then three lawyers and we keep crying, 'we don't have enough money,' but somehow they always find more money someplace."

On top of that, Morales says the superintendent and other school board members have taken part in nepotism in the school system despite a candidate's lack of qualifications.

He says he and Earl Jones are the only 2 members without a friend or relative employed by Dothan City Schools.

Morales said, "I questioned a board member's relative's experience--six months internship experience when 15 people applied for the job and you tell me none of them even came close...c'mon, gimme a break. So if the public lets it happen by not having outcry and the board votes on it, what could you do?"

Morales’ solution: investigative services.

He says there is an inside story on the school board that most of the public would not even consider...a story that could uncover what he calls, "nine years of wrong-doings."

Morales also said, "I’m not going to accuse anyone, but I’ll tell you what -- I’ve asked for an examiners report with the Alabama Examiner of Public Records Ron Jones. I called him a couple of weeks ago. He’s willing to do an investigation. If he does, it would be interesting. It would be very interesting. I would say it would be so interesting, chances of people going to jail would be good."

And Morales says in his opinion, this is only the beginning.

Many of you have sent WTVY News 4 e-mails about this on-going story.

WTVY will continue to investigate and try to answer your questions on why the school board found it necessary to spend nearly half a million dollars to buyout the current superintendent's contract. We will also continue trying to get Dr. Hobbs to grant us an interview.