Troy University Students Making the News ... Literally

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What if you turned on the news to catch up on current events, but couldn't understand what the news anchor was saying. That’s how it is for some students at one area university every day.

However, as News 4 found out Monday, some exchange students at Troy University are changing that.

It may sound foreign to us, but Troy University’s newscast is helping international students like Jigm Ma better understand how an American newscast is run. "It's a very valuable experience because back in my country, most of the classes I receive is just about logical stuff. But here, I get hands on operation stuff. So, I think it's a very valuable experience."

Ma is referring to a fairly new program called 1 to 1.

T.V. Manager for Troy University Kyle Bozman said, "The 1 to 1 program we have is a program which students from the People's Republic of China go to the University of China for one year, they come to Troy University for two years, they resume their studies in China for their senior year and at the end of that, their successful in their studies and get degrees from both universities."

Bozman says the 1 to 1 program began in fall of 2006.

The program gives Chinese students a hands on opportunity on how to run a newscast and make it a little bit easier to break such a difficult language barrier.

Producer/Director for Troy University T.V. Jeff Herring said, "With the barrier of English and other languages that are there … But still, television is universal. You have to go from a news anchor to a video story the same way here that you do over there."

And for Ma, she says the experience is like no other. In fact, she's already sitting concluded.

The international students have four newscasts each semester.

Though they are not aired on television, other students and family members can catch them online.

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