Capital Murder Trial

Tierra Gobble Murder Trial
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Tierra Gobble took the stand Wednesday in the capital murder trial.

She's accused of beating her four-month-old baby boy, Phenix Jordan Perrish to death last December.

Defense attorney's called Tierra Gobble to the stand to convince the jury she didn't kill her son.

In a silent courtroom, she described the December morning when she went in and found her son lying lifeless in his crib.

She told the jury she loved her two children and they were her heart and soul.

Then District Attorney Doug Valeska asked her why she told investigators she hit Phenix.

Against Gobble's wishes, Gobble held a baby doll and reenacted how she said he might of hit his head.

Gobble also read excerpts from her jail journal writings stating she was responsible for the death.

Despite doctor's testimonies that baby Phenix would have been screaming, Gobble only heard fussing.

Now though she says she hears her baby cry in her nightmares.

Gobble told the jury that she wasn't drinking or doing any drugs the night Phenix died.