Cold Laser

Rene Heredia has critical Lumb Ischemia, a painful condition that blocks blood flow in his legs. A simple cut can have devastating consequences.

Dr. Daniel Garnic, a cardiovascular radiologist at Glendale Memorial Hospital in Glendale California says "it leads from a minor scrape or cut to what could end up as an amputation."

In fact, the condition leads to about 100,000 amputations every year. Smoking, diabetes and high cholesterol raise the risk.

Now doctors are saving legs with this a cold laser that can eat through plaque.

Dr. Garnic says "At the tip of the laser, the high energy touches the plaque and vaporizes it."

It's called Lirpath and it lets doctors work through blackages they couldn't get through before. The image shows three blocked areas of the leg. After clirpath, the increased blood flow is obvious. Studies show the laser can save 93 percent of limbs from being amputated.

Dr. Garnic says, "This is the best thing that's come down in peripheral vascular disease, i think, in the last 20 years."

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