Dothan School Board Audit

Dr. Steven Stokes

An independent audit of Dothan city schools turns up nothing, and the incoming chairman is happy with the results.

Problems began for the Dothan City School Board in July, when members voted to buy out the contract of Dr. Leon Hobbs, their superintendent. The move cost the school system about $440,000.

When pressed for answers, school board members gave us different stories, the most controversial subject being district five's David Morales, who said the board had much more to worry about.

After seeing Morales’ interview on News 4, incoming school board chairman Dr. Steve Stokes called for an investigation into all school board practices and procedures. The audit's results were revealed Monday night, suggesting Morales was completely false.

Morales was not at the meeting Monday; it would have been his last, along with outgoing Chairman Jim Hemby and district one's Earl Jones. CPA David Parsons and his firm conducted the audit, revealing, at the most, some sloppy bookkeeping on the part of the Northview High School Athletic Department.

Brenda Guilford and Hays McKay, Jr. will join Dr. Stokes as new members on the Board of Education starting next month.