Residents Returning To New Orleans

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The repopulation of the section of New Orleans known as Algiers is under way, despite warnings against the move.

Algiers is across the Mississippi River from downtown. It did not flood and had little damage from Hurricane Katrina.

A steady stream of traffic is returning, under a plan by New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (NAY'-guhn). The mayor says police are checking residents' identification to make sure they live in the areas reopened.

But this repopulation has the head of federal hurricane response worried. Thad Allen urges the mayor not to rush people back into areas where basic services are still not in place.

In many sections, the water is contaminated, and telephones and the Nine-One-One system are not operating.

Allen tells NBC he's also worried about another storm that could breach the levees again. He meets with the mayor today to review these concerns.

In the next week and a half, Uptown, the Garden District and the French Quarter also are due to open to residents and businesses under the Nagin plan. He envisions as many 180-thousand people pouring back into New Orleans.