Swindall's RV in Troy

Swindall's RV Park In Troy

Hundreds of hurricane evacuees in the Wiregrass will soon be housed by Swindall's RV Park in Troy. The park has contracted with FEMA to provide the temporary housing.

When Swindall's RV Park notified the City of Troy saying they wanted to do something to help accommodate those fleeing from Hurricane Katrina, it didn't take long before Alabama Governor Bob Riley got involved.

Now, Swindall's RV Park has a 12 month contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help house evacuees until they are able to get back on their feet again.

But the Swindall's say they are prepared to go far beyond that, they're willing to house the evacuees for up to 24 months if needed.

So on Thursday, campers were delivered from Craig Field Air Force Base in Selma.

The RV park has been in business for 47 years and is a 25 acre facility that has the capacity to hold a little more than 400 campers.

But because of previous obligations, the park only has about 150 campers set up on site right now.

Many of the campers are brand new and range in size anywhere from 27 to 35 feet.

Crews of about 20 men are currently working to get them ready for evacuees to move in, which will probably take place in another week or two.

Todd Swindall says "We've got the facility here that's capable of helping these people throughout the Southeast. These people have lost everything and some people might frown on a camper but it beats not having anything at all and these campers are in pretty good shape."

Each camper will have hook-ups for water, power and even cable television, all of which is provided free of charge to storm victims.

The City of Troy has had about 300 hurricane evacuees enter their area after Hurricane Katrina.

If you are an evacuee in the community and are interested in receiving a camper to temporarily house your family, you can call and register with FEMA, where they will assess your financial situation and assign you with the appropriate housing.