Brundidge Home Explodes

Brundidge Home Explodes

A rare house explosion in the Wiregrass sends one woman to the hospital and leaves several surrounding houses without power.

The explosion completely flattened the structure. Debris scattered everywhere, more than one-hundred feet away from the house. There were pieces of insulation and tin in nearby trees and parts of the roof were found in the road.

The explosion also caused the tenant, 59-year-old Ruby Bowman, to be ejected from her bedroom window.

It was her landlord and neighbor, Linda Ellis, who heard Mrs. Bowman’s screams and came to her rescue.

Ellis says the force of the explosion caused the front door of her house to even blow open. She said "all of a sudden something explodes like that it, scared me so bad I could hardly move, but I wasn't concerned about the house I was concerned about getting her out."

Tad Dent with the Hamilton Crossroads Fire and Rescue says that in his entire career, he has never seen anything like this.

The explosion took place on the 1000th block of County Road 3329 in Brundidge. State fire marshals are still trying to determine what caused the explosion.

At this point, officials say they believe the incident might have been caused from a liquid propane explosion. However, the case is still under investigation.

Mrs. Bowman was in the house alone. She was taken to the Birmingham Burn Center where she is in critical condition.

Mrs. Bowman had been living at the house for less than a year.