Wiregrass Christian Relief Effort

Wiregrass Christian Relief Effort 615-HELP

Churches are involved with the Wiregrass Christian Relief Effort and the search continues for more sponsors of hurricane evacuee families.

When the Wiregrass community found out about the need to help evacuees, volunteers got busy collecting items.

Currently, the Wiregrass Christian Relief Effort is asking for cash donations, furniture and appliances to give to those in need.

Jack Durkhalter a member of Westgate Church of Christ says "We've had 73 families sponsored and 13 families are still trying to find sponsors. If there's a church out there that hasn't participated, we have just been so busy and want to hear from you."

The Ballard family is staying with their son who is a soldier stationed at Fort Rucker. Although they've practically lost everything they own, they remain hopeful for the future.

Sturgis and Vernetta Ballard are evacuees from New Orleans, LA. They say "it's been a bad dream and still trying to wake up from it. It shocked the whole world, everybody's been affected by this."

The Red Cross shelter at the First Church of Nazarene in Dothan closed Wednesday.

And now, since FEMA has offered two week vouchers to help pay for their expenses, some evacuee families are staying in hotels, but still need basic supplies.

The Wiregrass Christian Relief Effort plans to continue their efforts of giving away items at least for another week and after all local needs are met, they will hold a charitable sale, with all proceeds benefiting hurricane victims.

Chad White with the Alabama Air National Guard says "We really need help getting these people back on their feet again, it's kind of hard for them to do. We've had people in tears coming up here taking things away and it just feels good to be able to help these people out."

The group is no longer accepting clothes, but say they have a greater need for volunteers to help with moving furniture for evacuees.

If you would like to volunteer your time or need assistance, you can contact the City of Dothan Helpline at 615-HELP (4357) or go online to http://www.wiregrasshelp.org