Dothan Infant Murdered

A Dothan teenager sits in the Houston County Jail with no bond, after allegedly taking the life of her baby.

In her confession to the Dothan Police, 19-year-old Shakira Briante Thomas said she didn't want the responsibility of being a parent. Then last Tuesday, she allegedly took the life of her newborn baby girl after having the child inside of the house.

Chief John Powell said police responded to 1111 Crestline drive and found human remains of a small child, upon further investigation it was learned that it was a newborn. The baby had been placed in a sack in a container.

Thomas' stepfather David Brown discovered the baby in the woods behind the family's house, he then called the police.

According to neighbors in this middle class neighborhood, Thomas' family moved to the area a short time ago and they kept to themselves.

But the case is all too familiar to Houston/Henry County District Attorney Doug Valeska.
Valeska is still preparing for the trial of Tiara Gobble, a Florida woman who has been charged with killing her four month old shortly after relocating to Dothan late last year.
She’s also been charged with capital murder.

In her first appearance at the Houston County Courthouse on Thursday, she nodded as if she understood the charges read to her.

Meanwhile, her family sat nearby. When asked if she wanted them to stand with her, she said yes.

Doug valeska says he doesn't plan on seeking a plea agreement with Thomas.