Katrina Relief Scam

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Two Etowah County women were charged in a scam to defraud local and federal relief agencies of money intended for Hurricane Katrina victims.

Attalla Police Chief Joe Hereford says sisters Angie Lanora Harris and Theresa Fay Clark, both of Steele, told the American Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency they were from hurricane-stricken Slidell, Louisian, to receive checks totaling more than 43-hundred dollars.

Harris and Clark were arrested yesterday and are being held in the Etowah County jail on 25-thousand dollars in combined bonds.

Police looked into Harris and Clark when they received tips from people who recognized the women as local residents. Hereford says the women used fake identification cards at the relief agencies.

The women, who were arrested at a hotel, are also facing drug possession charges.