Scrushy Complaints

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Ousted HealthSouth Corporation CEO Richard Scrushy says the company's new leadership is mismanaging the business and is demanding access to books and records seen by other directors.

Scrushy spoke at a news conference today saying he decided to voice his concerns about HealthSouth's direction when the Birmingham company this week announced earnings that were lower than expected.

Scrushy is still on the board, but it has met in a special committee that excludes him since he was fired as CEO in March 2003.

The move came after federal prosecutors revealed HealthSouth had faked $2.6 billion in profit while Scrushy was in charge.

Scrushy was acquitted on criminal charges in the accounting scheme.

The Birmingham News reports that HealthSouth responded to Scrushy's criticisms with a statement expressing surprise that Scrushy would, "Have the audacity and shamelessness to comment on the current operations or the dedication of our approximately 40,000 employees."