Bush Comforts Victims

Bush Comforts Victims
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President Bush has been trying to console people who lost their homes, and everything else but their lives, to Hurricane Katrina.

Visiting Biloxi, Mississippi, Bush spoke with a tearful woman who told him, "We don't have anything." They stood alongside the ruins of homes that had been reduced to pieces amid fallen trees and other debris.

He walked through the debris with the woman and a girl, his arms
around their shoulders, and told them to "hang in there."

Bush flew today to Mobile for an update on the relief efforts, and left from there to tour other areas of the Gulf coast that were ravaged by the storm.

Before leaving the White House, he said the efforts to provide food and water to survivors, and to stop the lawlessness in New Orleans, had not been good enough. He said, "The results are not acceptable."