President Bush Headed to Gulf Coast

President Bush Heads To Gulf Coast
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President Bush is admitting efforts to help Hurricane Katrina's victims have fallen short.

Leaving the White House to tour the stricken Gulf Coast, he declared, "The results are not acceptable."

However, Bush is vowing to "get on top of this situation" and to "help people who need help."

Bush is flying to Mobile, Alabama, for a briefing from emergency chiefs, then getting a helicopter tour of flattened coastal communities. He plans to walk through one of the hardest-hit: Biloxi, Mississippi.

But in New Orleans, which has been hit by looting and is mostly under water, Bush will just fly over and land at the airport several miles from the city center.

On departing the White House, Bush said he wants to thank rescue workers for their efforts, and assure Katrina's victims that the administration "will deploy the assets necessary."